Jesus is King

Released on the 25th of last month, Jesus is King is Kanye West’s new latest album. Previously known as being an atheist with a belief in the only the truth, this album’s gospel theme is Kanye West’s interpretation regarding God and his conversion to the Christian faith. Full of passion, it is a beautiful expression […]

Peer Review #3

My Art Cloud is Kritisha Sankla’s personal art blog. The theme of her blog is very artistic feeling and suits the persona she has developed for herself. From viewing her blog, it doesn’t seem like she has a specific audience in mind, and her blog’s purpose is more personal expression than self marketing. Her blog […]

Design Changes

I appreciate the feedback I got on my blog’s design. As a design student, I understand the value of affordances and how important of a role it plays in user experience. The main feedback I got was talking about my media presence in my blog. Because music is something that’s so unique to everyone, I […]

My Audience

Beginning this course and this blog, I didn’t really take into consideration having an audience, because I felt like this was something just for me. At first, I just wanted it to be a personal blog, but that was still too broad. It took some time, but by narrowing it down to recommending my music […]

Peer Review #2

I reviewed Lolo’s Lowdown, Lauren’s blog with content dedicated to wrestling. There is a lot of passion in her blog and she has chosen a good tone in which she communicates to her audience with. Without a doubt, the content within her blog posts reflect her passion about wrestling, and by reading through them, and […]