Design Changes

I appreciate the feedback I got on my blog’s design. As a design student, I understand the value of affordances and how important of a role it plays in user experience. The main feedback I got was talking about my media presence in my blog. Because music is something that’s so unique to everyone, I […]

My Audience

Beginning this course and this blog, I didn’t really take into consideration having an audience, because I felt like this was something just for me. At first, I just wanted it to be a personal blog, but that was still too broad. It took some time, but by narrowing it down to recommending my music […]

Peer Review #2

I reviewed Lolo’s Lowdown, Lauren’s blog with content dedicated to wrestling. There is a lot of passion in her blog and she has chosen a good tone in which she communicates to her audience with. Without a doubt, the content within her blog posts reflect her passion about wrestling, and by reading through them, and […]