5 Songs For Your Fall Playlist

Autumn is a time of relaxing and focus, but most importantly, self growth. Despite its diversity, the songs I selected all reflect that in some sort of way. You may not like the songs or even agree it belongs in a fall playlist. That’s perfectly fine, understandable, and respectable. Have your own opinions and feel free to tell me why or why you don’t agree!

10/10 – Rex Orange County

With the end of hot girl summer (see here for an explanation of hot girl summer), Rex Orange County’s 10/10 is a song of self care and self improvement. Using a robotic tune, Rex details out a rough year of mediocracy where he feels homesick, outgrowing friends, and failing to properly control his emotions. He then goes to talk about taking the time to focus on himself and reminiscing the past, but ultimately, taking control over who is in your life, doing what you need to do for you, and crediting yourself for your own improvement.

Sanctuary – Joji

Sanctuary often refers to a safe place in a time of crisis, and in this song, Joji refers to his lover as the sanctuary. His comfort with this person has gone beyond love, that being with her makes him feel safe. This isn’t just a love song that talks about falling in love, but rather, Joji’s perspective towards his love. They both are looking for “sincerity” but his tone sounds as if he just wants something he’s already comfortable with. With the start of October, the closer cuffing season becomes. I added this song into a fall playlist because we often seek someone during this time, but will it be the smartest idea? And to those who (unknowingly) partake in falling in love with the idea of love, and not actually love itself, is it really worth it?

Ukelele and Chill – Cody G

Ukelele and Chill is a typical song you would find in a YouTube or Spotify playlist such as lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to. As we get deeper into the fall season, it’s that time of the year to grind and work again, but appreciate all the changing colours. This is a song for that suits both, thus, I would put into my fall playlist.


No Halo talks about the group’s morals and flaws, talking about topics such as substance abuse, personal relationships and more. This song is about believing that grinding through challenges, both their upbringing and just tough times in general, they will somehow find their way through it and be enlightened.

Lowkey – NIKI

Last but not least is Lowkey by NIKI. Like the title says, it’s about keeping things on the down-low. Just be yourself and enjoy the moments as they come, and most importantly, don’t try and blow things out of proportion. Take the chances that come and be genuine, and I think that is the main purpose of the fall season, which is reflected in this song.

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