A Love Letter to You 4

fourth mixtape by rapper Trippie Redd

A heartbreak mixtape released by Trippie Redd, this is the November singles playlist for those who haven’t gotten a date for cuffing season. November marks the start of social activities like seeing festivals of lights or Santa pictures. As December draws near, no doubt the feeling of single hits, but like the song says, who needs love?

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this playlist. I don’t believe it’s a healthy thing to deny yourself of positivism and happiness, and this album seems to celebrate that feeling of loneliness and isolation. But at the same time, the beats and rhythm is sick and it features such talented artists like XXXTentacion (RIP), Juice WRLD, etc.

Overall, I don’t think it’s a bad album, I think it’s very mixed. However, the theme itself is contradictory to the album title, which may be the artistic intent. It’s most definitely not a love letter, because it talks about denying that love, but also wanting it. Rather, maybe it’s an expressive work talking about an unfulfillment in these artists lives?

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