Remembering Sulli

trigger warning: death and depression

For those that remember f(x) and know about the events which were discovered this morning, this post will be songs in memory of her name. I would also like to extend a condolences to her friends and family.

Sulli is an ex member of the Kpop group f(x) and an actress. In 2014, she took a hiatus from f(x) to focus on healing her mental and physical self, and officially left f(x) in 2015 to focus on acting again. In 2018, she returned to SM Entertainment as a solo artist. This morning, she was found dead in her home, with conflicting reports regarding the cause of her death. The Korean police are still investigating and leaving all possibilities open.

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Sulli was a controversial figure in South Korea. She was open with her feminist stances, such as objectification and going braless. She was also open to the public with her romantic relationships, and was always transparent with her mental health struggles and the malicious trolls and online hate she faced. As a Sulli fan, today is without a doubt, a day to remember her name and honour the fight she fought.

The title track from her album as a solo artist
A song that was written and dedicated to Sulli by one of her close friends, IU
One of f(x)’s older songs and album

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