Summertime In Paris – Jaden & Willow Smith

Performed by the Smith siblings at Coachella and The Ellen Show, Summertime in Paris is argued to be one of the top summer hits in 2019, as it really highlighted the theme of summer this year – romance and discovery

Summertime is meant to fall in love
I could fall asleep or stare in your eyes
You’re right by my side
Summertime is meant to fall in love
I wrote you a poem for your surprise
It’s right by your side

Jaden and Willow Smith are both talented artists with their voices really giving life to this song. Despite uses of autotune, sections of the song with heavy uses, such as the chorus, are used as a contrasting element from sections where we can really hear Jaden and Willow Smith sing their hearts out.

Jaden and Willow performing on The Ellen Show

It’s a hard song to describe why the flow is so good and why it has a summer vibe, despite talking about romance in a far away place. It’s even harder to explain why the song is so good because it’s just a natural bop. The song’s slow hip-hop beats give the song a relaxed mood and Willow’s compliments the low pitch of Jaden’s portions and overall timbre of the song

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