The LoFi Craze: 9800+ Song (400+ Hours) Playlist

The lofi boom came from YouTube channels where mixes of chill and hip-hop vibe instrumentals have been looped, then made into playlists with anime/cartoon as the cover art. Listeners use these as they work, study or do nothing, and it has recently sparked a new (and very popular) wave of ambient and downtempo music. It is one of YouTube’s biggest phenomenons, because it took something so ordinary, and managed to reach millions, with artists gaining millions of subscribers in just a year or two.

However, because of its originality, there is nothing unique about each song. I can barely recognize differences in songs from my 400+ hours playlist and half the time I don’t even realize the song has switched. With 9800+ songs, there is no particular song that stands out, because as I listen to it, it slowly fades away. It becomes more of a rhythm to working and productivity.

And perhaps that is the point of lofi. It’s not meant to be notable, rather, something you can subtly feel as you work, and that’s the purpose of this playlist – being able to just work and get my stuff done without feeling the need to switch songs because songs are so alike.

That being said, obviously I can’t just mention I have a 9800+ songs playlist which is 400+ hours and not showcase it, so here it is (or you can listen to it down below). My playlist has gotten so big, in terms of song quantity, that it lags my Spotify app whenever I use it or try to make changes to it. Hopefully, its just a me problem and won’t mess with your Spotify app.

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