Design Changes

I appreciate the feedback I got on my blog’s design. As a design student, I understand the value of affordances and how important of a role it plays in user experience.

The main feedback I got was talking about my media presence in my blog. Because music is something that’s so unique to everyone, I don’t really think media is something I require. Rather, I think people should discover my music suggestions because they’re out looking for music and was recommended, not because they happened to stumble across it. We don’t actu­al­ly care about con­tent. We only care about what con­tent can do for us.

That being said, if I want to relate to a more musical audience, than I need to be more open about my music side. I do believe that music is a very personal thing, and that is why most my playlists are privated. But based on Lauren’s feedback, I have decided to link my Spotify account and open up some playlists that make me unique as a music listener.

Although I didn’t get much feedback on the design aspect of my blog, I have started planning for visual changes, with the first step to become less text-centric and include more imagery.

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