Installation + Setup

As a design student studying usability and experiences, I wanted to talk about something that can be seen or used in everyday life, and my personal experience with it. I wanted it to be something personal because this class really focuses on developing one’s personal online presence and how they brand themselves. An idea I had was to talk about interfaces of apps because it related to my area of study, something I use to define myself. However, I soon realized that talking about the interfaces of apps which I might not use or have used for a long time was not something I could personally relate to, and in the end, would just seem superficial.

In the end, I chose to talk about my experience with music and the discovery of new songs. I decided on this because I had realized at least twice a week, I find myself updating my playlists and discovering new music. Being dedicated to music recommendation, this blog would just be an extension of my hobby.

After finalizing my blog theme, I also looked into WordPress themes, mainly using the WordPress theme directory and Colorlib. I had downloaded and installed the ones I liked, but ultimately decided to go with Activello (for now) because I found it matched my design style the best.

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