Peer Review #1

For this week’s peer review, I was assigned Nihon Shoku, a blog that explores areas of Japanese cuisine beyond sushi and ramen. The blog’s author is by Carol, a SIAT student and a travelling foodie. As someone who admires Japanese culture as well, it is easy to see how her blog is reflective medium of her deep respect towards Japanese food culture, and the history behind it.

Rather than using a grid system layout, her blog theme really only uses columns. Blog posts take up a small column in the center search/filter options in another to its right. It also puts older posts at the bottom of the page and newer ones at the top. The blog theme is simple enough to engage with, but is overwhelming because it doesn’t cut down on the blog posts. Blog posts are never reduced in size with an option to read more, so scrolling down on her blog means that the site becomes content intensive. With that in mind, it also becomes difficult to differentiate between different posts if the user scrolls too fast. 

Besides this, I think the site customization is fine, and I can easily filter her posts to find the ones I am looking for. I can also easily identify which posts are for her audience and which ones are for the course. Her posts also are visually engaging, providing a nice break that helps posts not be too text heavy. Her image selection also makes me hungry, which I would argue is a good thing because she is a food blog. 

The content is informative and sounds professional. Texts are also easy to read and understand, and each post also provides the audience with appropriate visuals that highlights what she is saying. This action of showing and telling keeps the reader engaged with the blog post, because it is ultimately the images that keep us interested and makes us want to try the food. 

Through her blog posts, I can see the depth of her knowledge with Japanese cuisine. They properly introduce the food and talk about its history, and how cooking methods have changed over the years. It also mentions different types of uses, and the proper methods of cooking/eating. However, what I like best about her blog posts is her conclusion. At the end of each blog post, she mentions her topic for the next week, allowing the audience to engage with the upcoming content early. 

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