Peer Review #2

I reviewed Lolo’s Lowdown, Lauren’s blog with content dedicated to wrestling. There is a lot of passion in her blog and she has chosen a good tone in which she communicates to her audience with.

Without a doubt, the content within her blog posts reflect her passion about wrestling, and by reading through them, and it is her passion which motivates me to continue reading. However, the blog itself is visually lacking. Its cliche to say that one picture is worth a thousand words, but cliches are cliches for a reason, they’re overused, but true. Digital content, especially digital content which is so quickly absorbed and taken in, needs to be engaging with its audience, whether that is through interactions or visually. And that is one of the key aspects which I find the blog lacking in. This lack of visuals makes her blog seem bland. From a design perspective, there is nothing which retains my attention, nothing that visually makes me appeal and want to come back to the blog.

And this is also mainly due to a lack of digital presence. As a content creator, she is missing that key identifier which makes her online self transparent. As design students, we are taught about developing an ethos which communicates who you are and how you are, and this directly translates to blogs and maintaining an audience. Originality is risky, but with such a unique topic, it’s okay to be risky. This allows you to be visually explicit about who you are and creates an even more authentic experience for your audience.

Asides from this, I do like the blog structure and I find it very intuitive to use. There are subtle affordances to the blog’s design which allows the user to recognize interactions, such as underlining and adding hover effects over links. However, I would argue that these affordances are too subtle, and could be done more interestingly, which would help with the visual identity of her blog.

Another element of her blog I like is the structure of it. Posts are easy to find and filter between, which assists with navigational flow and minimizes user resistance.

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  1. Thanks Kenneth!
    This feedback is really helpful, and I appreciate it! I will put your suggestions to use in the next few weeks! Thanks!
    I really enjoyed reviewing your blog too!

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