Peer Review #3

My Art Cloud is Kritisha Sankla’s personal art blog. The theme of her blog is very artistic feeling and suits the persona she has developed for herself. From viewing her blog, it doesn’t seem like she has a specific audience in mind, and her blog’s purpose is more personal expression than self marketing. Her blog uses a grid system where blog entries take up two thirds of the space and a third section for the blog information. This sort of design works with the blog’s intent, though it may get messy considering posts become repeated on the right side.

After showing my wide range of interest in visual and performing arts you must be wondering “what else could she learn/pursue now?” and to be quite honest, I want to keep on expanding my creative palette and see where this path takes me. I have uncovered a great deal of my passions and interests after moving to Canada and it leaves me wanting more. Join me on my creative journey!

In terms of the blog’s content there is really no correlation between what she says the blog is for and the posts on there. All that’s on the page so far are some of the mini assignments and process posts. There are no posts where we can see her interest in visual and performing arts or an attempt to expand her creative palette. Therefore, I would say that her marketability is lacking because there is no evidence proving herself to be who she says. All we can see are bits and pieces of her personality, but no idea where her artistic capabilities are at, nor does it show signs of artistic growth.

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