A song about not giving up on someone, even if that someone has given up on you, Closure talks about fighting for that someone in your life. People come and go, and if we don’t fight for the people we want in our lives, we’ll have no one that we actually care about. Say that […]

Jesus is King

Released on the 25th of last month, Jesus is King is Kanye West’s new latest album. Previously known as being an atheist with a belief in the only the truth, this album’s gospel theme is Kanye West’s interpretation regarding God and his conversion to the Christian faith. Full of passion, it is a beautiful expression […]


At 2AM Pacific Time today, TWICE released their new album, along with the music video for the title track, Feel Special Some context is required to understand this song. Mina Myoui, one of the nine members in TWICE, is currently taking time off for personal reasons, which has been speculated to be coping with stress […]